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About this game:

Distant ages from an inhospitable future, after an apocalypse that has disappeared with our current world, taking with it humanity and all possible databases on the most important histories and cultures of Latin America, a robot archeologist's mission is to search for various cultural artifacts, facing unlikely obstacles. Among the ruins, the art of this ancient world is revealed in the form of music, literature, gastronomy and much more. In this adventure it is necessary to circumvent the dangers and store the information in the digital media again to restore the memories of a lost past.

UI Commands:

Mouse - For all UI elements you will need to use mouse click (left button)

Game Commands:

WASD - Move player tile by tile

↑↓←→ - Move camera to be able to investigate the world to choose the best way

Game Requirements:

OS: Windows

Resolution: 1920x1080

Single Player

Win Condition:

Reach the terminal with at least one artefact trying to do the best score (finding out the best path).

Lose Condition:

Empty battery, fire, enemies and holes.


The water flow can move you without spending battery if you wait some time.


Alex - Programmer

Caroldot - Game Design/Artist

Mateus Tuna - Artist

Scowsh - Audio


Invadable Harmony - UI Audio

Sceef - UI Art

Bernardo - Game Design


The World That Once Was.zip 69 MB

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